We're Real Because We're Kosher
It's always interesting when an ancient diet becomes the newest food phenomenon–isn't it? Over the past ten years, we've seen the kosher diet emerge from Jewish families' dining rooms and into supermarket shelves and menu offerings across the United States. The rise of this Jewish dietary method is no miracle; it's high quality, clean, and healthy – it's a no brainer!
As a higher number of people seek the Kosher stamp of approval, more brands (old and new) are specializing in the traditional food practice. Industry giants like Coca-Cola and Kraft Cheese are scrambling for a Triangle K certification to meet the latest market demands. While brands like Hebrew National, a kosher beef brand whose doors have been open for over a century, have seen an increase in sales by simply sticking to what they know. 
In the 70s, Hebrew National Beef Franks took over television screens across the U.S. through a campaign that's now deemed an advertising classic. The commercial opens to Uncle Sam, hotdog in hand, ready to chow down. However, just before he takes a bite, we hear an omnipotent narrator chime in to announce, "Government regulations say we can make our Hebrew National Beef Hotdogs from frozen beef; we don't. The government says we can use artificial coloring; we don't." This list continues, serving as a clever jab at the USDA while also highlighting the quality behind kosher meat. 
One misconception is that kosher is a style of food, but it's important to note that it's a methodology encompassing ingredients, preparation, and supervision. As Hebrew National pointed out in their campaign, kosher is a process that exceeds the USDA's inspection for a higher degree of detail, supervision, and quality. Whether or not you're religious, you can still abide by the Kashrut dietary laws because you're into food that’s all-around better (we don't blame you). For a food product to be considered kosher, it must undergo various procedures and meticulous tests to ensure optimal health and cleanliness. These are a few requirements that meat products must adhere to:
  • It must come from animals with split hooves; like cows, sheep, lamb, etc.
  • It can only be cut from the forequarter zone.
  • Animals can be slaughtered only by certified butchers.
  • Meat must be thoroughly soaked to remove any traces of blood.
  • All equipment and utensils involved in meat processing cannot touch or mix in with any other food.
Like Hebrew National, Real follows the kosher criteria, and we don't do it for the label or to chase a trend, we do it because it's in our blood—it's tradition! Because we're kosher, our meats are premium and high-quality by default. We don't need to hide behind vague language or twenty syllable ingredients. We can provide a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, and we can be 100% transparent about our products. No B.S., just kosher! 

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