Real Snacks’ Prefect Match - What to Pair with Your Beef Sticks
The rich flavors and the nutritional benefits make Real Snacks perfect on their own, but yes, it's possible that certain food pairings can take these treats to another level. We're proud flavor nerds - we worked meticulously at combining ingredients that would ensure a dynamic flavor experience within each beef snack, so of course, we considered how our snacks would pair with other foods. We've conducted a little more hands-on research since those early days in the Real labs, and we've found that beef snacks don't always have to party alone; and more importantly, we’ve discovered who else to invite to the Real party. 
Bloody Marys 
Brunch isn't complete without a Bloody Mary on the side, and as it turns out, Bloody Marys aren't complete without Real Beef Snacks. At the base of every Bloody Mary is tomato juice, making it a cross between meal and beverage. People have always felt inclined to blur the lines between meal and beverage further through the quintessential Bloody Mary garnish. Take the word garnish with a grain of salt here; common garnishes are celery, pickles, and olives, but we've also seen the likes of waffles, fried chicken, and even burgers. 
We don't blame you if the burger is a little too ambitious for your Sunday morning. That's why we recommend Real Snacks as a simple and equally delicious ingredient for your Bloody Mary garnish. Any of our flavors will do the trick, but we've found that the Hot & Spicy brings out something particularly striking in the spicy and bold flavors within the Bloody Mary. The Real beef stick also compliments the celery, pickle, and olives, making your Bloody Mary a delicious and nutritious morning medley. 
Savory proteins go a long way in any salad combination; that's why Real Snacks can take your salad game up a notch. The nutritious qualities within Real Beef also make them a far better candidate than any bacon bit, steak slice, etc. Whether you're prepping your salad the night before our whipping it up for a quick lunch, Real makes prep time a breeze, all you have to do is chop it up, and voila, you've got yourself a yummy salad topping. 
Cheese Plates
We can all dig a good cheese plate. They’re the highlight of any occasion (as long as you don’t spoil your dinner.) There is an entire universe of flavors on a cheese platter, and the goal of a cheese platter is to create a balancing act between the unique flavors. Each of the elements on a cheese platter is selected to complement the other, and you really can’t beat the divine combination of fruits and meat with cheese making Real Beef an ideal meat on a cheese plate. Each Real flavor brings something special to the table, and we’ll let you experiment with the endless pairing possibilities (if you do experiment, share your favorite combo), but we will say the Jalapeño Cranberry with Goat Cheese is a chef’s kiss. 
Mornin’! Or afternoon, or night, we won’t judge when you get your egg fix. We also won’t judge how you eat your eggs, whether it’s scrambled, over-medium, or even Deviled; Real Snacks are the perfect match. Proteins that pack a flavorful punch are essential with eggs, and Real Snacks do just that. Use it as a garnish on your Deviled eggs, or chop it up and blend it in with your scrambled eggs; it’ll add that savory flare you’re seeking in your egg hustle. 
Yes, Real Beef snacks can stand on their own two feet (or stick end in this case) and contain rich and delightful flavor profiles, but once paired with other foods, they can dance! Try some of these combos and tell us what you think and if you’ve invented a Real pairing of your own, we’d love to know and maybe even feature it on our IG story winking face.  Food pairings are a wild flavor journey, and we’d love to take it together! 

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