Real Beef Snacks- An Ideal Treat for the Kids
What sort of snacks should we feed our kids? It's a question that health-conscious parents have been mulling over even before the time of Star Wars tin lunchboxes, and who doesn't want to make sure they're feeding their kids the right thing? We can give you a hint; chips aren't ideal for your chip off the old block. Think more along the lines of all-natural beef snacks.
Kids are constantly growing so they require a few snacks a day for their bodies to keep up! However, it's important that what they're eating is packed with healthy vitamins and snacks are the perfect way to sneak in those extra nutrients. Health experts say that there are several vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that children must have in their everyday diet which include: calcium and Vitamin D for bone growth, fiber for the digestive system, Vitamin B for energy levels and brain function, Vitamin E for the immune system, and last but certainly not least, iron to help carry oxygen through blood cells. If your kid is getting all of these vitamins in a day then yes, your kid is actually a superhuman, and Real Snacks is happy to provide the iron part.
Beyond being a flavor-filled, delectable snack, Real Beef sticks are a rich source of iron, making them an excellent treat for the kiddos. We strive to make parents' jobs easier. We feel that you shouldn't have to spend your time eyeballing five-syllable ingredients (we know your grocery store runs are hard enough), and we pride ourselves on being a prep-free, healthy option; all you have to do is toss it in their lunchbox and voila! We've also made the packaging simple to open; we made the beef stick easy to chew, ultra-delicious, and 100% kid-approved. 
So, next time you're wondering how you can provide your kids with a tasty source of iron and other healthy, all-natural ingredients, consider Real, a snack for all-ages! 

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